Case Study – Medical Devices

Medical Imaging – Web DICOM Simulator (WDS)
The WDS provides an environment to test Picture Archive and Communication System (PACS)/ Radiology Information System (RIS) in DICOM (Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine). The purpose of WDS is to provide the customer with DICOM communication with remote system (RIS/PACS) in order to check modality products through Internet.

Client Profile
A leading medical devices manufacturer.

Simulator Features
Some of the features of the simulator are:

  • The simulator provides two key DICOM services namely, modality work list management service and storage service.
    • In modality work list management service, a work list that contains scheduled information of diagnosis examination from test target system (RIS/PACS) is obtained and the retrieved work list is then registered (both DICOM Image and information) to DB Server.
    • In the storage service, simulator gets the DICOM image from the DB Server and sends it to test target system.
  • The WDS solution is designed in a three layer structure.
  • User interface layer (GUI).
  • Business logic layer (User interface functionality).
  • Data Access Layer.

Solution Features
We provided the client with an innovative solution to simulate a DICOM communications system. We enabled the customer to efficiently setup a DICOM test environment to check their modality products.

    Some of the features are included:

  • User Interface Layer (GUI):
    • Developed Web application with GUI.
    • The GUI application provides an interface through which the user will be able to test different DICOM services.
    • Design approach to facilitate the changes to be incorporated in UI in future development without affecting the existing functionality. This was achieved by handling all the relevant functionalities through APIs.
  • Business Logic:
    • Developed modules for user management, configuration management, error logging and usage of WDS.
    • Developed web service module that monitors and records usage information of system.
    • Developed a DB handler module to handles various database operations.
  • Data Access Layer:
    • Developed a wrapper over the API provided by the customer.
    • Implemented modality work list management, storage service and registering work list functionalities to customer database.

    Key Customer Value

  • Provided with innovative and cost-effective solution.
  • Developed a design so as to felicitate additional feature implementation in future.
  • Our expertise in DICOM and web application helped in delivering the solutions ahead of expectation.
  • Enabled customer to reduce time for testing modality products.