Case Study – Mobiles

Wearable Bluetooth Cam
An enhanced Bluetooth audio head-set that enables the users to record short video clips, upload it, email it or stream it live to a web service. We provided the client with headset embedded development services and custom application development.

Client Profile
An innovative consumer electronics company.

Product Features
The product is intended to help people record video easily by freeing one from the burden of grappling video camera. Some of the features of the gadget include:

  • Bluetooth audio head-set with video recording.
  • Two mobile applications: One for recording full motion 480p video and optimized video recording for mobile sharing.
  • Applications allow “Auto Share” by sending a thirty-second video clip to your recipients in real time. Enables social video in multiple ways. Apps allow viewing and editing videos stored in the headset.
  • Extends customer experience by providing an additional desktop utility application.
  • Supports Android phone running Android version 2.0 or higher, iOS version 4.2.

Solution Features
We provided the client with product and mobile application design and development services. Some of the features include:

  • Video:
    • Dual Encoding for different frame sizes. Down scaling from VGA to QVGA in hardware.
    • Ported open source FFMPEG code base to ARM, for decoding video MPEG-4and AAC audio.
    • Performance tests with 20fps/VGA recording and 15fps/QVGA streaming.
  • Application development:
    • The Android multimedia application receives MPEG-4 video and AAC audio with video encoder max bit rate at 4Mbps and audio encoder bit rate at 128Kbps.
    • The application has a media player and graphics is rendered by porting OpenGL-ES to ARM. Fast rendering was achieved by designing the video buffer at the native layer and display swapping in UI context from Android code.
    • Development of MP4 file writing routines and optimized MP4 file writing performance.
    • Development of video clip maker for PC.
  • Connectivity:
    • USB Interfaces to Windows and Mac.
    • Communication interfaces over Bluetooth (such as, headset profile) and Wi-Fi interfaces.

Key Customer Value

  • Cost-effective product and application development by leveraging our multimedia and networking expertise.
  • Advised innovative solutions at no additional cost.
  • System QA testing and qualification before releasing the product to market.
  • Reduced the time to market.