Web Printing System

A cloud based printing solution

Client Profile
A leading consumer electronics product manufacturer

Customer Requirement
Usually the Printing from the web is always painful. While front-end technologies have mostly solved the problem for web sites, web applications still do not have a good way to print. Given below are a few concrete pointers to illustrate the real issues.

  • The web application normally in a sandbox mode cannot really see the installed printers and their capabilities
  • The browser print model does not allow a good way to show an accurate print preview and does not handle borderless-ness very well
  • The Windows print dialogs are very difficult to configure properly, particularly for a non-plain non-letter size paper

Solution(s) Provided

  • With the help of custom developed full-fledged plugin software, a web application can give a smooth print and provide a much better user experience than a desktop application
  • It avoids the browser print sub-system and windows printer properties dialog
  • It recognizes the specific local printer model and uploads the model info into the cloud
  • It works on a PCL stream from the cloud and sends the PCL to the printer
  • In short it allows the user to print effortlessly by avoiding the hectic printer preferences dialogs

Technologies Used

  • Node.JS
  • Ruby On Rails
  • Android/IOS

Cloud Platform and Services
Cloud Platform: Amazon AWS

  • Amazon EC2
  • Amazon S3
  • Amazon CloudFront
  • Amazon RDS

Inspirisys Japan value adds

  • Improved user experience and faster printing experience to the end users.
  • Enabled mobility by exposing RESTful APIs.
  • Greater level of operational agility for managing the app.
  • Automatic scaling of compute instances.