Automated inventory management system for consumer electronics

A fully automated cloud based inventory management system.

Client Profile
A leading consumer electronics product manufacturer.

Customer Requirement
Customer was looking for a fully automated and heavily scalable cloud based system to manage the inventory for the consumer electronics category based on the concepts and the processes associated with their stock keeping.

Solution(s) Provided

  • A full-fledged Web-application to handle the complete work-flows
  • Auto order handling modules
  • Dashboards
  • Various Reports based on the full set of data
  • Integration of a set of Clearing House and Fulfillment Services
  • A set of Notifications and alerts

Technologies Used

  • Ruby 2
  • Rails 4
  • Bash Scripting
  • Job Automations with Resque, Delayed Job
  • Spree
  • Test Automation using Rspec, Capybara, Cucumber, Jasmine Combinations

Cloud Platform and Services
Cloud Platform: Google Cloud

  • AWS EC2
    • Auto scaling
    • Load balancing
  • Google storage
    • CloudFront
  • Amazon RDS