Ethernet Demarcation Device

We are responsible for the development of protocols, command line interface (CLI), agent development and driver development in customer’s most successful product line.

Client Profile
A high technology and award-winning manufacturer of cost-effective access and backhaul solutions.

Product Features
The Ethernet demarcation device delivers up to 1 Gigabit of user throughput. The device has the following key features:

  • End to end service and transport demarcation
  • SLA assurance, Ethernet OAM and performance monitoring
  • Remote provisioning and traffic management
  • Uplink redundancy
  • Management and security

Salient Inspirisys Product Features
We provided the client with various network layer 2, layer 3 and layer7 services. Some of the key services provided include:

  • Protocols and Standards :
    • 802.1x PNAC: The development included both 802.1x Supplicant and 802.1x Authenticator.
    • LAG: Provided the customer with LAG enhancement services and synchronization of ports based on LACP.
    • TACACS+: Development of generic software application. The project developed a generic TACACS+ protocol stack and the protocol stack was supported with CLI.
    • Protocol developments in SNTP (Simple Network Time Protocol) and porting of ELMI protocol stack to the proprietary framework.
  • CLI and Agent development :
    • Enhance the CLI of the LAG implementation in the device.
    • Development of ERP (Ethernet Ring protection) generic software application and development of terminal screens and CLI for the ERP module.
    • Development of CLI for the SNTP module.
    • Integration of ELMI stacks including Integration with proprietary framework, CLI development, debugging and testing tool development.
  • Others :
    • Developed EMS FM plug in for converting traps send by a device to events, which will be shown in the customer’s event browser.
    • Synclock driver development for the product line.
    Key Customer Value

  • Helped to deliver top quality products on schedule and within budget.
  • Developed generic solutions with scope of interoperability.
  • Leveraged our expertise in pSOS, VxWorks, Linux and Ethreal to provide efficient and optimal solutions.