Overview- SaaS, PaaS and IaaS services

Given all the hype around cloud computing and other related technologies, enterprise and mid-sized companies are often hazy in identifying short and long term benefits of moving to the cloud or harnessing the power of Cloud for various needs – be it building a cloud based app or a creating scalable platforms to provide software as a service.

This is where Inspirisys Japan’s Managed Services Practice – a focused service offering that includes the entire Cloud life cycle, be it Cloud Strategy & Consultancy, Cloud Infrastructure Services (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS) or Cloud-based Application development. At each stage, Inspirisys Japan enables various enterprises to leverage cloud technologies to its fullest. Our deep expertise in the entire life cycle allows us to create solutions that integrate all aspects of a successful Cloud Strategy to ensure that the client’s needs are successfully met.

Cloud Computing services

  • Cloud Strategy & Consulting
  • Cloud Application Development & Sustenance
  • Cloud Infrastructure (compute, storage and network) Management Services
  • Cloud Deployment and Physical to Virtual (P2V) Workload Migration Services
  • Cloud Security infrastructure setup and on-going management
  • Virtual Private Clouds (VPC) – Hybrid Cloud setup and management

Inspirisys Japan has architected and developed a variety of cloud-ready applications (web & mobile) and manages large, complex deployments on various clouds environments such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, IBM Soft Layer and HP Cloud.

Our professional services team has helped a number of enterprises to migrate physical workloads to virtual environment featuring multiple technologies that include –VMWare, Hyper-V and Open Stack.

Inspirisys Japan offers end to end managed services starting from cloud assessment, cloud architecture, cloud migration and cloud management.

 Cloud Skill Spectrum


Strategy & Consultancy

Inspirisys Japan helps customers on their journey to transform their IT and harness the power of Cloud to create real business value. Our competent Pre-sales team studies the client’s existing landscape and business needs to craft a seamless solution that integrates not just the client’s different platforms, applications and infrastructure but also their business goals to create an effective Cloud Strategy. We help our clients identify how to reduce their IT infrastructure costs and effectively utilize scalable infrastructure like it is in their backyard or how not to worry about running their applications on increasingly complex infrastructure or how to harness cloud platforms to create applications without a thought. And on top of this, we will create the plan to manage the entire setup – be it a private, public or hybrid set up.

Cloud Assessment and Strategy

We provide end-to-end services in cloud computing. Starting with a cloud assessment and strategy and then create IT Infrastructure alongside the industry standards, and within your budget. We offer consultancy on IaaS (AWS, Azure), PaaS (Google App Engine, AWS Lambda) and SaaS, along with tightened security at the design level. Our proven architectures have been used by start-up and large organizations alike.

Cloud-based Application Development

Mobile ready, full feature, rich functionality, great UI, fast, efficient, resilient, scalable, aesthetically beautiful. Today’s generations of apps need all of these features, if not more, to be even considered to be in the game.

Mobile and Web Apps by Accel Japan

Inspirisys Japan’s expertise in building Cloud-based applications (Mobile and Web) has helped numerous customers solve their business challenges – whether it is a creating a cloud based printing system that makes printing a whole lot easier or a device tracking system that analyses data and reports to both the web and a mobile. We bring in our years of experience building great software along with its expertise in the underlying technology to create great user experience, quickly.
We have developed cloud-based application across industries and have decades of experience in delivering world-class applications.

Cloud Infrastructure Services

With the advancement of Cloud, companies do not have to worry about their IT infrastructure anymore, be it, the infrastructure’s scalability, flexibility, business continuity, maintenance and support. Neither do the companies have to worry about bringing down their operating costs while increasing their IT infrastructure capabilities. Companies can, instead, fully utilize their time, effort and resources to focus on their core functions.

Cloud Infrastructure offerings by Inspirisys Japan

Inspirisys Japan enables this transition through a seamless process that utilizes its immense experience in the Infrastructure Management space and its well established Managed Services practice. Inspirisys Japan has worked with clients across the world to move their IT to the Public Cloud, Private Cloud or Hybrid Cloud, based on the client’s business needs and security requirements. We also continue to manage the entire infrastructure setup for clients, allowing them to focus on what is really important to them – their core competency and their customer.
Our Cloud Infrastructure Services offering helps you leverage the power of software to modernize and streamline your legacy applications.