Case Study – Hiring Steps

Cloud job portal
A cloud based web site which provides a central location to manage and access a company’s recruitment needs.

Client description
A Silicon Valley startup in recruitment and staffing.

Product features

The key features of the website are

  1. Post jobs to multiple job sites
  2. Automatic ranking of the applicants
  3. Managing the interview process like scheduling interviews and managing the tasks
  4. Track the candidates and the recruitment status
  5. Report generations

Our Solution

  1. Job Posting
    • Fast and easy way to post job to multiple job sites in a single click
    • User friendly dashboard that gives a complete summary of the job posting status
    • A single interface from which the user can navigate to all required information
  2. Automatic Ranking of Applicants
    • Based on Keywords search in the resumes
    • Based on questionnaires
    • Marking of the keywords in the resumes
  3. Managing Interviews
    • Schedule interviews
    • Send automated emails
    • Easily setup tasks and deadlines
    • Adding the tasks directly to the user calendar and dashboard
  4. Payment module using Paypal
    • Instant payment
    • Recurring payment
  5. Admin Module
    • Management of the sales team
    • Customer support
    • Accounting module
    • Report generation

Technologies Used

  1. JAVA
  2. ExtJS
  3. Hibernate
  4. PostgreSQL

Our value addition

  1. A cost effective solution using open source technologies
  2. Consulted with the client to go beyond requirements and add additional site features and create an elegant user interface