Inspirisys Japan provides services in data and telecommunications applications across different product ranges in the wireless and wire line in Networking vertical.

With regards to networking, we have core competence in L2/L3 protocol development, integration of protocols, OS kernel development/porting, protocol testing, terminal and CLI developments and maintenance of protocol frameworks.

Our area of expertise in wire line includes: Ethernet, Carrier/ Metro Ethernet, Routing, Switching, MPLS, VPN, VoIP, etc. Our solutions for the wireless networking industries are focused around providing high quality software development and protocol implementation services in all areas.

Inspirisys Japan has developed proprietary network security solution based on a user selected CSP (Cryptographic Service Provider) that enables the security administrators and users to be fully protected from unauthorized access.

Inspirisys Japan’s Expertise in the Networking Industry

Our Strong focus on wireless technologies and have enabled our customers customize their wireless products. The technologies we work with in this space are Wi-Fi, WLAN and WiMAX. In the WLAN space, we have worked extensively on authentication of protocols and enabled our customers in the networking industry in taking their products to different geographies.

We have worked in the Bluetooth space and have also worked on integrating Bluetooth with CAN and MOST gateways for an automotive client.

The nature of work in this domain demands a lot of exposure to RTOS and our extensive experience on Linux and VxWorks adds further value to our basket of offerings in the networking space.