Mobile Gateway

Situation :
Mobile Gateway is set of applications to test the services, which will be consumed by the Mobile Applications. It uses various processors as external web services.

Challenge :
Using the external web services – understanding the request & response format – generating the response as per their format and deriving the output from their response.

Solution :
The project was designed & developed to configure the services for each package and to test all the services. It has the following applications:

Onboarding (Web Application)

  • To configure the list of services to a package based on client’s business requirement. The set of services can be added from one package to another. Options to add & delete the services are provided.

Service Host (Web Services)

  • The request (json format) from all the application are received here and based on the request type, the request is processed. For few request types, the output is derived from the Oracle DB and other services uses the external services (Bing, HISNA etc.) to get the response. Using these responses, the response (json) in the desired format is generated and sent back to the requested application.
  • If there is error thrown, the errors are handled and error response is displayed as output.
  • Logs of all tests are maintained in the database.

Test Harness (Web Application)

  • The application provides the option to select the client for which the service needs to be tested.
  • The list of services configured to that particular client is listed.
  • When a particular service is selected, the sample request with default parameters will be generated. If user needs to modify any inputs in the request, the same can be done.
  • This request sends the request to Service Host Web Services and gets the response.

AutoTestConsole (Console Application)

  • The application helps to test all the services and stores the results in the database.
  • Test cases are created and stored in the database. The input parameters, expected output parameters and expected result (positive / negative) are stored against each test case. Each services may have multiple positive & negative test cases.
  • Using these test cases, required json request is created and sent to Service Host Web Services. The response from the web services is validated using the expected results stored in the SQL DB and thus the test cases are tested.

Architecture :

Result :
Testing of all the services used by the Mobile Applications and capturing the results in the Database.

Technology Used :
ASP.Net 4.0, C#.Net 4.0, Entity Framework 4.0, Oracle 11g, SQL Server 2012, IIS 7.5, Log4Net.

Architecture :
N Tier