Video Conferencing and remote monitoring

Video Conferencing & Remote Monitoring System
Development of a video conferencing and remote monitoring system that enables user to communicate through video, sound and text chat. The system was developed with additional modules for remote communication, for remote control of the monitoring camera , to watch live video through a web browser, to record video from the client in real-time and to allow authorized user to re-view the recorded video. The developed system has many use case scenarios, such as, video conferencing, remote education and remote monitoring.

Client Profile
Surveillance/camera control management solutions provider in Europe.

System Features
The solution allows viewing real-time camera images securely over the internet, enabling companies to devise their own property surveillance from anywhere in the world. Some of the features of the system include:

  • Network cameras generate MPEG-4 video stream and g.726 audio stream multiplexed into ASF file format.
  • Player is used to display the captured as well as the received video in two controls in the player UI dialog. The UI has provisions for audio information and text chat.
  • Player uses MPEG-4 decoder and AAC decoder.

Solution Features
We provided the client with camera control system design and development services. Some of the features include:

  • Audio/ Video :
    • Development of capture filter, demultiplexer filters, MPEG4 decoder filter , file writer filter and G.711 sound mixer filter.
    • Developed MPEG4 demultiplexer and decoder as a filter component supporting simple profiles up to level 3.
    • Development of loudness control and echo cancellation system using DirectShow framework.
    • Development of recording and playback systems using DirectShow framework.
    • In the recording module, AAC and MPEG-4 are multiplexed to MP4 file format for storing in to the video library residing in the server(server based recording).
  • Application development :
    • Two client applications with one for video conferencing and other for remote monitoring.
    • Remote monitoring application allows authorized users to watch live video and recorded video(client side) using an ActiveX control embedded in a web page.
    • The application can be accessed from the web server enabling authorized users to video conference or monitor camera remotely.
    • The video conference UI, in the client application side provided ergonomic video conferencing.
    • Time based video search, Playback and editing of previously recorded videos.
  • System Architecture :
    • Server system has a web service for initial user authentication using ASP pages from the HTTP server and later authenticating the user by the TCP servers.
    • The video and audio is sent to the server via TCP socket connection with the server.
    • Client audio and video multiplexed and recorded into a server video library. Also, packetizer used to encode audio/video data into packets and de-packetizers used to send the packets to the corresponding module.

    Key Customer Value

  • Cost-effective application development with innovative value adds (such as,acoustic echo cancellation).
  • Interoperability with no dependence on third party platforms.
  • Developed a modular, robust and scalable system on client server architecture.