Companies across industries need smaller, faster, more advanced systems that are robust, fail-safe and of the highest quality. And they need it with increasingly shorter time-to-market.

Inspirisys Japan offers specialized hardware engineering services to help clients assemble, test and validate hardware platforms or help architect and develop new products from concept. Inspirisys Japan leverages its skills across industries, functions, technologies and agile development methodologies to provide world-class Embedded Product engineering services across markets like Automotive, Telecom and Storage.

We also have extensive expertise of building products and platforms in the domain of high-speed networking products and flash memory related devices and products. As part of the Hardware engineering services, we provide design services to help leading semiconductor vendors globally in the domains of:

  • Networking
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Mobile Multimedia

Hardware engineering services:

Electronics Hardware

  • Circuit simulation and design
  • Schematics and multilayer board design
  • Prototype integration and testing
  • 8 /16 /32 bit microcontroller based designs
  • High speed design and Signal Integrity Analysis
  • ARM7, ARM9, LPC2468, MSP430, STM32, PIC32 etc.

Embedded Software

  • Firmware design and development
  • Porting of the firmware, Board bring up
  • Unit testing and Integration testing
  • Development of automated test applications
  • Automated data acquisition and processing

We provide total range of hardware engineering services for global companies spread across domain