Hawk-I Manager is an Android based Network Management application created by customizing the Hawk-I Framework.

Hawk-I Framework is a management framework that supports management services based on protocols like SNMP, ICMP and also supports OpenDaylight SDN controllers’ management in Android.

The Hawk-I Manager application is capable of managing SNMP(v1, v2c and v3) enabled devices and has provision for viewing some of the most commonly used MIB tables in MIB-II. The application also makes use of ICMP protocol for tracking the device status. The application facilitates grouping of devices into different groups.


  • Support of SNMP(all versions) devices
  • Device status tracking based on ICMP
  • Grouping of devices
  • View major MIB II tables
  • Live polling of devices
  • Background polling of custom parameters (not available in free version)
  • Advanced management dialogs with Graphs and charts (not available in free version)
  • Dashboards (not available in free version)


We will provide fee based service in customizing the Hawk-I Framework for customers upon request.We will retain the right for further sale of the library and prohibits the customer from integrating the library to more product lines than the identified product. We prohibits the buyer from any as-is sale of the library.