We have immense experience in executing various projects in the Network Management System/Element Management System for various product manufacturers in the telecommunication industry. We expertise in FCAPS (Fault, Configuration, Accounting, Performance, Security) based EMS application development/testing (with a focus in Fault management and Configuration management) and tool development and testing.

We developed an in-house SNMP device simulator for the development and testing purpose, called NMS zzist. In addition, the tool has a MIB manager module which allows users to manage and use the MIBs efficiently. The MIB Manager allows users to easily compile and browse the MIB files. Also, NMS Azzist allows users the flexibility of importing/exporting device and MIB entries. It also supports advanced search options to find MIB variables using both OID and name. An additional search feature is that the tool allows searching the MIB variables easily through index searching and bookmarks.

NMS Azzist Features:

  • Supports of both Windows and Linux OS and has new generation look and feel.
  • Inbuilt support of standard MIBs.
  • Support of SNMPv1, v2c and v3 (USM and VACM) agents for simulation. It allows developers and testers of NMS applications; efficiently do their jobs even in the absence of original device. It simulates agents that support different SNMP versions, such as,
    • SNMP V1
    • SNMP V2c
    • SNMP V3 No-Auth
    • SNMP V3 Auth- MD5
    • SNMP V3 Auth-SHA
    • SNMP V3 PriAuth- MD5
    • SNMP V3 PriAuth-SHA
  • Custom replication of existing agents.
  • Import and exporting of devices and MIBs both online and offline.
  • Run devices simultaneously in multiple port support.
  • Replicates the original agents and provides better performance.
  • Can act like real SNMP agents and are more flexible in testing purpose, as the MIB values of simulators can be easily modified to simulate different test scenarios.
  • Full featured MIB compiler, previewer and browser with SMI V1 and V2 Support.
  • Advanced MIB processing capability with Indexed Search and Bookmarks.

Tools and Technologies

  1. Java
  3. Oracle and Informix Database
  4. Net-snmp, nttrapsender
  5. IDEs – Eclipse, JBuilder
  6. Tools – SNMPc, Ethereal
  7. Configuration management – Synergy and SVN