Trip Tracker and Simulator

This case study is a single feature as part of large mobile application development for Roadside assistance done in offshore-onsite model. The Roadside Assistance app is used over 20,000 service providers/dispatchers and their drivers in North America. The application is developed in multi-platform across versions.

The complete flow from job acceptance by service providers and allocation of job to drivers till job complete status is monitored by the application. The application is developed has standalone to integrate with other 3rd party tools and applications.

To track real-time driver location through mobile with regular job status update during in-route to disablement location and tow-to location. Intuitively alerts drivers on elapsed time, speed, violation and provide the most optimal route to reach the disablement location.




  • To write an algorithm to calculate elapsed time and ETA to reach destination.
  • To identify shortest possible and optimal route to reach destination considering traffic and road conditions.
  • To simulate with app with mock data with fake GPS.

User Experience:

  • Consistent user experience cross multiple Platforms-native mobile apps for multiple devices and operating systems.

Delivery Timeline:

  • The challenge was to deliver all the key features without any compromise on quality in a short time.




The project was designed & developed to configure the services for each package and to test all the services.

  • The mobile device will update its current location to the web service API. The API stores lat. long in a mobile DB. The data is pushed into cloud DB with unique mobile id in a specified time interval. The data is flushed from mobile DB once transferred to Cloud DB.
  • The captured lat. long will show the present location of driver and series of data recorded will show the path of vehicle movement in google map.
  • Alerts are triggered when the vehicle reaches particular location of incident and warnings are triggered in case of idle time.
  • The recorded data is fed into fake GPS to simulate the trip.


  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Fuel Economy
  • ETA Optimization
  • Measure Performance of drivers and their behavior pattern
  • Record Data for future Analysis
  • Anytime data retrieval from Cloud

Technology Used
Android, Android Studio, Objective-C, Xcode, RESTful web Service, REALM DB and SQL Lite.